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We understand that every family situation is unique, and that your accomplishments and goals for the future are of paramount importance. As such, you can benefit from a transparent, thorough and competitive pricing comparison and analysis of the current term insurance plans from the different insurers that we carry. Let us take your goals to the next level.

Term Insurance

Take up a term insurance plan today to protect your mortgage, spouse and children or to leave a lasting legacy or inheritance for your beneficiaries till 99 years old.

What is term insurance?


A term insurance policy is life insurance that provides coverage for either a limited period of time or a specific period of time to which clients determine themselves, at a fixed rate of payments for the entire duration of the policy.

Why do you need term insurance?




If homeowners have an outstanding mortgage home loan, term insurance protects homeowners and their families against losing their homes in the event of death and permanent disability of the homeowners. When a homeowner passes on with an outstanding mortgage loan to be paid, this may become a potential financial burden to their families if they are not equipped to pay it back. Should the family members then be unable to continue servicing the mortgage, they risk having their homes repossessed by the banks or having an early foreclosure resulting in them being homeless.


Spouse and Children


If the breadwinner of a family has a spouse who is a fulltime/part-time homemaker with school-going children, a term insurance protects against the family’s future expenses, livelihoods and education for dependents in the event a breadwinner passes on. In the event a breadwinner passes on without sufficient life insurance coverage, he or she risks their families being racked with consumer debt, expenses, and their children not being able to reach their education potential due to financial limitations of not being able to afford the school fees. 


Legacy and Inheritance for beneficiaries


For families who wish to change their children and future beneficiaries’ destiny by bequeathing a large inheritance of insurance proceeds, a term insurance till 99 years of age is a viable solution. It is well known globally that Singapore is extremely competitive and a hub in several fields including education, finance, business, medical, pharmaceutical, to mention a few. If families wish to give their children and descendants an edge or head start in reaching the top, this is a pragmatic option that should be considered.

Features and Benefits


  • Receive a lump sum payout upon death, total permanent disability (TPD) and terminal illness
  • Protect your home, family, and their future inheritance
  • Reduce your loved ones’ financial liabilities
  • Enhance your coverage with a suite of riders including critical illness coverage

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Calvin Lim
Insurance Broker


With 8 years of experience and multiple MDRT awards on hand, Calvin is the owner of Insurance Brokers Singapore — a subsidiary of Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd. Throughout his journey, he has assisted many families in their financial planning, and helped them handle insurance claims.

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